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Shaan Patel of Kranse Institute

April 28, 2016, 03:18 PM

Shaan Patel Kranse Institute


Kranse Institute SAT Prep Expert online course has gained national attention after its prep course creator, Shaan Patel, became a Shark Tank winner, impressing Mark Cuban so much he invested in his company! Shaan’s story is a unique one. One that led to opportunity and success in helping other college-bound students achieve their academic dreams.

Shaan grew up in Las Vegas, where his parents owned and ran a motel. Having attending public schools with high dropout rates, Shaan knew next to nothing about important standardized tests like the SAT or ACT, which are required by most universities for admission. His first attempt at the SAT yielded average scores. Determined to improve them, Shaan then worked hard to figure out the best way to improve his score, impress admissions officers and get accepted to the prestigious universities to which he wanted to apply. He developed a proprietary method of studying that got him a PERFECT SCORE.

This perfect score opened up many doors for Shaan: admission to his top choice universities, 250K in scholarships, academic honors like being named a National Merit Scholar and a Presidential Scholar (where he got the meet the president), and many more. One of Shaan’s most notable achievements is winning Mark Cuban’s investment in his online SAT prep course that he created out of the method he created. This method, now known as the Kranse Institute SAT online prep course contains over 100 strategies to ensure success. The prep course gives you this innovative method of studying, with over 30 hours of lectures covering SAT material that you can learn at your own pace, and when and where you want. With 365-day access, high school students have plenty of time and opportunity to retain Shaan Patel’s innovative SAT strategies, giving them the best chance of scoring well. 

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