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How to Make Money in the Kranse Institute Ambassador Program

April 01, 2016, 12:00 AM

Now that you're part of the Kranse Institute Ambassador Program, it's time to learn how to make money!  You get the chance to help students get a 30% off discount on Kranse Institute enrollment. For your effort of recommending Kranse Institute, you will be compensated 30% of the discounted purchase price.  You help students get the industry leading SAT® preparation course, this helps get Kranse Institute more SAT® prep students, and in turn you get rewarded for your efforts.

Let's review the steps to first become a Kranse Institute Ambassador:

  1.  Visit and join for free.
  2. Get a customized coupon code for you to give out to your network.
  3. Ensure your referrals to Kranse Institute use your Ambassador coupon code when they enroll at Kranse Institute.
  4. Kranse Institute will then issue payment to you for each referral directly into your PayPal account.

Proven Amabassador Program Marketing Strategy:

1. Speak with friends and family, tell them about Kranse Institute, give them your Ambassador coupon code.  These are the main bullet points of Kranse Institute to tell your contacts about.

  1. Kranse Institute has the highest SAT® exam score increase within the industry.
  2. Kranse Institute is very affordable, often times a third of the price of other courses.
  3. A perfect score SAT® student developed the SAT® prep course.
  4. The SAT® prep course at Kranse Institute was featured on Shark Tank and Marc Cuban invested in the course.
  5. Your investement is guaranteed to raise your student's SAT® score, or you get your money refunded by Kranse Institute.

    2. Start building your network of parents who have active high school students.

    1. Join PTA groups.
    2. Speak with parents at high school sporting events.
    3. Use Facebook to connect with parents with children at your same school.

      3. Start making phone calls to your contacts.

      1. Tell them about your experience with Kranse Institute.
      2. Make sure they hear your results!
      3. Outline what makes Kranse Institute the perfect solution to them (use bullet points above).
      4. Be sure to give them your Ambassador coupon code and make sure they write it down.

        4. Start your first email marketing campaign.

        1. Leverage the power of email outreach and write emails to your contacts.
        2. Let your contact in on the "Secret" that is Kranse Institute.
        3. Outline what makes Kranse Institute the perfect solution to them (use bullet points above).
        4. Be sure to give them your Ambassador coupon code.

          5. Post on online education forums and Facebook.

          1. Join online education forums and look for opportunities to recommend Kranse Institute.
          2. Be sure to give them your Ambassador coupon code.
          3. Use Facebook Instant Messenger to write messages to friends and family.
          4. Post Facebook status updates and posts on your personal Facebook page.
          5. Ask users to message you for details on Kranse Institute.
          6. Be sure to highlight your Ambassador coupon code.

            Do you have any questions about the Kranse Institute Ambassador Program? Would you like more strategies to help get sales? If so, email or call us at 800.893.6652 .

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