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Kranse Institute & Prep Expert Partnership FAQs

November 07, 2022, 06:36 PM

Prep Expert & Kranse Institute FAQs

Renowned test-prep company Prep Expert is proud to announce a partnership with Kranse Institute, the exclusive licensed distributor of the Prep Expert SAT Video Course created by Shark Tank winner (and SAT perfect scorer) Dr. Shaan Patel! Kranse Institute and Prep Expert have teamed up to provide ambitious high school students with the most effective SAT prep on the market. Want to know more? Here are the most frequently asked questions related to our partnership.

What is Prep Expert?

Prep Expert is a well-known test-prep company that offers high school students SAT and ACT Self-Paced Video, Live Online, and In-Person Courses created by Shark Tank winner (and SAT perfect scorer) Dr. Shaan Patel.

What is Kranse Institute?

Kranse Institute is the exclusive licensed distributor of the Prep Expert's SAT Video Course.

What's the difference between the two companies?

Prep Expert, formerly known as 2400Expert, is the test prep company that Dr. Shaan Patel founded based on his SAT test-taking strategies and later successfully pitched to billionaire Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. Prep Expert is the only provider of live online and in-person SAT courses, as well as all types of ACT courses. Both Prep Expert and Kranse Institute offer the Prep Expert self-paced SAT video course that's accessible on any device, including tablets and mobile.

What results can I expect after taking a course from either Prep Expert or Kranse Institute? 

Both companies offer the most effective test-taking strategies available in the industry. Prep Expert and Kranse Institute have both helped thousands of high school students raise their SAT scores hundreds of points, gain admission to elite universities, and win millions of dollars in scholarships! We recommend making your choice of test company based on your child’s needs and whether they do best taking a self-paced video course or a live in-person course. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (877) 345-7737 today!

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