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The #1 ACT Prep Course

with the highest average score increase in the industry

Find out why the Kranse Institute is the leader in ACT score improvements

What sets our ACT prep course apart

Bite-sized videos that engage and inspire

Our 2018 SAT prep course was developed for today’s ‘connected’ student who needs to balance increased competition for engagement and a shorter attention span. Our course focuses on these key factors:

Bite-sized, video tutorials (average 10 minutes in length) for maximum engagement

Designed and taught by a former perfect score student, from the perspective of a private tutor

Strategy and shortcut focus as opposed to traditional review and memorize approach

Leading ACT score improvements, GUARANTEED

We guarantee overall ACT score improvement, because students not only learn subject material, but also critical strategies that make average scores exceptional. And the data backs this up!

Our students average an industry leading 4 point ACT score increase

Many of our students see scores improve from 50th to 90th percentile after completing the course

We even offer a SCORE IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE that is unmatched in the industry

Maximized value & accessibility

Many students prefer taking the ACT multiple times in order to achieve their best result. Our 2018 ACT prep works for all students, and with its 18-month license, it supports multiple ACT test dates at no additional cost.

18 consecutive months of course access compared to competitors at only 90 days

Flexibility to take up to 11 possible test dates

Accessible on any digital device, and new mobile app – an industry first!




STUDENTS INSPIRED Course Interaction & Completion



Hear how our prep course boosted this student’s score and secured her a $50K SCHOLARSHIP!

A track record of success

We’ve helped thousands of students improve their standardized test scores and get into the most competitive universities. Below are just some of the universities to which our students have gained admission




Average ACT Score Point Improvement


Number of STUDENTS

Developed by a Shark Tank winner and expert prep course designer

This revolutionary ACT test prep curriculum was created by Shaan Patel, a student and Shark Tank winner who struck a deal with Mark Cuban. He developed a proprietary form of preparation that is strategy-based rather than the traditional method of memorization, and found that this method not only worked for him, but helped other students tremendously as well.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Only Kranse Institute offers a 7-day 100% money back guarantee, no strings attached, AND a Score Improvement Guarantee – if your ACT score does not improve after completing our ACT prep course, we’ll refund your money!

Our new mobile app takes ACT prep convenience to a new level

Our new mobile app takes ACT prep convenience to a new level

  • Optimized experience for smartphone and tablet access
  • Interact with 204 bite-sized (10 minute) video tutorials
  • Designed by a perfect score student – for students
  • Automatically track and measure your progress
  • Features cash prize contests, auto updates and tips
  • FREE for all Kranse Institute enrollees

The app is coming soon for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

Ready to improve your ACT score?

Get the edge you need to achieve your best score. Master the new ACT content with our exclusive test-taking strategies, by prepping when and where you want.

204 pre-recorded video lectures

comprehensive score-raising strategies for the 2018 ACT

540-day access

accessible on any device with internet access

for students of all levels

immediate access after purchase

score improvement guarantee

convenience to study anytime, anywhere

limited time offer


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