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How you get rewarded

Every student you refer gets a substantial 30% discount off the retail price. As an ambassador, you will earn 30% of the final purchase price every time your unique discount code is used when purchasing. There are no caps on comission payouts, and our proprietary tracking system allows you to login at any time to view your commissions and payout dates.

Who is the perfect Kranse Institute ambassador?

Our most successful Kranse Institute Ambassadors are passionate about helping students succeed in academics and beyond.

Parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, or anyone who works with students.

Motivated individuals who have a network of parents with students preparing for the SAT®.

Anyone who would like to make extra money by tapping into their social networks.

Recent high school graduates who would like to earn extra money helping their younger peers.

How Kranse Institute helps students get into college

Every student is different: they come from different backgrounds and places, and they have different strengths and weaknesses. But all students have one thing in common – the ability to excel. The Kranse Institute SAT® prep course provides motivated students with the TOOLS, STRATEGIES, and STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS they need to unlock their potential and get the highest possible score at the SAT®.

high score = top college

Kranse Institute offers a proprietary online SAT® prep course with industry leading results in student score improvements. Our unique method teaches students strategies and provides each student the necessary tools for success on the SAT®. Students benefit by scoring well on the SAT®, getting into top universities, and earning thousands of dollars in scholarships to pay for college.

flexible, fits every student

The Kranse Institute SAT® prep course was designed for today’s ‘connected’ student who needs to balance increased competition for engagement and shorter attention spans. We give students tools to excel on the SAT®, that is affordable, accessible, and yields real results. Our course is taught in short video lectures that can be paused and replayed as many times as needed over the course of 18 months.

Easy to use, easy to achieve

Shaan Patel developed the Kranse Institute’s SAT® Prep course after taking his score from just average to PERFECT. He created our SAT® prep course based on the strategies that worked incredibly well for him. He wanted to teach a course for students based on his experiences with what worked so well for him. He even appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, and won a $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban.

What students get

With over 30 hours of instruction across 147 video lectures, students have access to over 100 strategies that help them conquer the SAT® and get their best score possible.

Students can take the course at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want for up to 18 months, using any internet-connected device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

see for yourself

Higher scores. Guaranteed!

We are so confident in the ability of our course to deliver a flexible, helpful user experience and high score improvements, that we offer the simplest, best guarantee possible: if a student’s score doesn’t significantly improve, they will get their money back, no strings attached.

What people say

Kranse Institute has become the best selling online SAT® prep course. Find out why by watching our actual customer reviews.

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