Kranse SAT® Course Reviews

March 30, 2016, 07:15 PM

Students who take the Kranse Institute’s SAT® prep course say that it gives them the most value and highest score increases out of any other prep course on the market. And it’s proven that Kranse Institute offers high school students an average of a 368-point increase on the SAT®. With a high SAT® test score, students go on to get into the most competitive schools in the nation, including the elite Ivy League. Kranse Institute’s easy-to-use test prep lets you prep at your own pace, whether you prefer to take months to prepare or whether you want to cram weeks before. Here’s what some of our Kranse Institute students have said about their experience with the Kranse Institute test prep:


  • I got a perfect score! I’ll be attending Harvard this Fall!
  • Abhinav +550 Point SAT® Score Improvement

  • I improved my score by 360 points! Not only was the course informational, but also fun.
  • Audrey +360 Point SAT® Score Improvement

  • This course trained my endurance for long standardized tests and taught me many effective methods to tackle the multitude of questions on the SAT®.
  • Ashley +300 Point SAT® Score Improvement

  • My first SAT® was horrendous, but with the help of this course I was able to improve my score a substantial amount!
  • Mikawa +430 Point SAT® Score Improvement

    Students all over the country use Kranse Institute’s proprietary method of test prep. With access to over 30 hours of lectures and 100 test-taking strategies, and a little time and effort, an impressive SAT® test score can be yours. Want more info? Please visit

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    Damon Green on September 24 2016 at 08:49AM

    I just had a General question, was wondering what age should I try to start to get my son interested in your program?


    Alexandra. Vega on September 23 2016 at 09:20PM

    I just seen you on shark tank how do I buy this and how much ?

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