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Does Kranse SAT Prep Raise Your Scores?

March 28, 2016, 07:45 PM

Does Kranse SAT Prep Raise Your Scores?

Kranse Institute stands out among the many SAT test prep methods on the market for many reasons, but the main reason is the dramatic point increase average, which is the highest of any other SAT test prep on the market: a whopping 368-point increase average! Many students achieve a higher point increase, with some even getting the coveted perfect 2400 score. A substantial boost to your SAT score, an increase like this can make or break getting into your top schools. The most competitive universities, like those in the Ivy League, give heavy weight to your SAT scores. A high SAT score assures university admissions officers that you’ll be able to handle the rigors of college-level curriculum.

Created by perfect score student and Shark Tank winner Shaan Patel after he initially earned an average score on the SAT, the Kranse Institute’s online test prep teaches you over 100 strategies and gives you 30 hours of lectures to help you conquer the SAT. This proprietary prep uses innovative methods to help you excel. Plus, Kranse gives you 365 days of access, meaning you can take the prep course at your own pace, whether that’s in two months, six months or a year. Not just for high school juniors or seniors, high school freshmen and sophomores -- recognizing the superiority of Kranse’s prep course -- are taking advantage of the headstart the Kranse Institute’s SAT prep course can give them. For more information about how this prep course can help you become a top scorer on the SAT, visit

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Stacey on June 12 2016 at 08:05AM

Are these sessions live or prerecorded. Are there teachers to contact if my child has questions?

Thank you

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