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Kranse Digital SAT® Prep

April 05, 2016, 07:23 PM

Kranse Digital SAT<sup>®</sup> Prep

One of the main elements college admissions officers look at when filling competitive student quotas is the all-important SAT® score. While taking AP classes and filling your schedule with suitable extracurriculars, if your SAT® score is less than impressive, chances are that you may not get into the university of your dreams. Kranse Institute can help you achieve your academic goals and collegiate aspirations.

Our proprietary digital SAT® prep course was created by perfect score student and Shark Tank winner Shaan Patel. After earning an average score the first time around, Shaan developed over 100 strategies to help him achieve any college-bound student’s dream: a perfect 2400. With our prep course, you get 30 hours of lecture from Shaan himself, sharing the methods he created to get a perfect score.

Kranse Institute guarantees that you’ll increase your test score or your money back. Students who take our digital SAT® prep increase their score by an average of 368 -- the highest average in the industry. Why take a digital course instead of a one-time workshop? With our digital prep course, you have 365 days of access, meaning you can take it in six weeks or a year. It’s up to you. You study at your own pace, in your own comfort, whether that’s in your room in the evening, in the library during the day or outside on the weekend. To sign up to prep, visit

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