Reviews of Kranse Digital SAT® Prep

April 04, 2016, 07:25 PM

Reviews of Kranse Digital SAT<sup>®</sup> Prep

Users review Kranse Institute’s digital SAT® prep courses and give it high marks. The Kranse Institute created one of the most popular online SAT® prep courses on the market, catering to ambitious high school students intent on being admitted to the top universities in the nation. 

Here’s what some of the students who’ve taken the course have to say:

I have improved my score by hundreds of points!

  • Brandon +320 Point SAT® Score Improvement

This course just makes sense. The concepts that are taught extremely useful and necessary for taking the SAT®.

  • Jack +200 Point SAT® Score Improvement

I know more than 250 SAT® vocab words now. I have a better thinking process during math sections. And with the essay strategies, I score almost perfect on the essay. Thank you so much!

  • Janie +350 Point SAT® Score Improvement

Don’t get left out. Thousands of college-bound students taking Kranse Institute SAT® Prep Expert’s innovative method of test preparation to get into top schools, and you can be one of them. With access to 147 hours of lectures and 100 test-taking strategies, you, too, can earn an awesome SAT® test score. 

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Michelle Peters on April 23 2016 at 02:08PM

How long is this online SAT prep course good for? I have a sophomore student so would need for it to go through at least half his junior year. If I buy it now will it be good till at least December 2017?

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