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Kranse Institute Online SAT® Prep Course

April 28, 2016, 05:00 PM

Kranse Institute SAT<sup>®</sup> Prep Expert

Kranse Institute's online SAT® prep course is wowing students and parents alike due to its ease of use and score increase guarantee. As college-bound high school students move away from rigid, in-person weekend prep workshops and towards convenient and flexible online courses, Kranse Institute's course stands out among the crowd.

Reassured by its money-back guarantee that states if you don’t improve your score, you get your money back, no questions asked, students who take the Kranse Institute's online SAT® prep course snag the highest score increase average out of any other online prep course. The creator of Kranse’s course, Shaan Patel, earned a perfect score and went on to win Shark Tank! Impressed by the innovative SAT® study methods he presented to the Sharks, Mark Cuban decided to invest. Now high school students across the country can take advantage of the online prep course that this Shark Tank winner created for Kranse Institute.

The advantages of Kranse Institute's online course are numerous. Are you a morning person who likes to study early at a coffee shop or a night owl who studies at home? With this course, you can study when you want, where you want, since you have immediate access after purchase via any internet-connected device like phone, laptop or tablet. Plus, you can study at your own pace: Kranse Institute's SAT® prep gives users 365-day access to the course, respecting the fact that students’ study needs vary. Some students prefer to prep for the SAT® over the course of a year, six months or six weeks.

What about the new SAT® that started in March 2016? Kranse Institute's course was the first SAT® prep course to redesign the course around the new SAT®, so students taking the SAT® after March 2016 can still take advantage of the edge Kranse Institute gives them.

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