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Kranse Institute New SAT® Format Prep

April 29, 2016, 01:26 PM

Kranse Institute New SAT<sup>®</sup> Prep

High school students who want to get into the country’s best universities do their best to take AP and Honors courses, participate in sports and other extracurricular activities and study for important standardized tests like the SAT® and ACT®. But what if you could have an insider edge by learning test taking strategies that can help your SAT® score become exceptional rather than just average? Kranse Institute SAT® Prep Expert online prep course can help you do just that.

Kranse Institute SAT® Prep Expert was created when Shaan Patel, a perfect score student and Shark Tank winner, discovered an innovative method of studying for the SAT®. After an average score his first time taking the exam, he decided that he wanted to figure out the best way to study. And he did! Using this method, Shaan achieved a perfect score on the SAT®, a feat accomplished by only 0.02% of students who take the SAT® each year. Now Kranse Institute SAT® Test Prep offers ambitious, college-bound students Shaan’s proprietary method for the new SAT®, which began in March 2016.

Since the new SAT® features fewer (and longer) sections, with an optional essay portion, Shaan redesigned Kranse Institute SAT® Prep Expert to reflect the changes. Most student will welcome the more user-friend changes to the SAT®. With the changes and with the newly redesigned online course that features over 30 hours of test taking strategies that you can learn at your own pace, getting an impressive score can be yours.

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