4 Ways to Fight the Urge to Splurge when You're on a College Budget

October 31, 2016, 04:38 PM

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Expendable cash isn't easy to come by when you're a college student, and sometimes the urge to splurge can get the better of you when you feel like you've been depriving yourself. Before you reach for that magic piece of plastic, take a look at these saving-savvy ways to keep some bills in your bank account:

Host a Clothing Swap

You don't have to have brand new clothes in order to fill your closet with an entirely new-to-you wardrobe. With a few cocktails and cheap hor d'oeuvres, you can host a fun get-together with your girls and leave with enough new-to-you clothes to feel like you spent hundreds of dollars.

Hit a Fitness Facility

If shopping has become a way for you to fulfill your feelings, check in with your emotions and find a physical alternative to balance out your brainwaves. If sadness or stress cause you to want to spend, exercise will boost endorphins that will help level out the negativity and get you back on track without dropping a ton of cash. If spending has become a celebratory experience when something great happens to you, put that adrenaline in the gym and burn some calories rather than dollar bills.

Budget with an App

Some apps are simply meant for your gaming pleasure, but there are plenty of mobile money trackers that will help you get your spending in check so you don't go overboard without realizing it (which can be easy to do without a little assistance!) Mint is one of the original budget buddies, and there's a reason it's been around since the beginning of this mobile era. Make a budget, track your expenses, and even keep an eye on your credit score wherever you go.

Make a List

Impulse spending can get you in plenty of trouble. Avoid the need-this-now mentality by writing down what you want every time the urge to splurge hits you. Keep a running list, and add to it regularly. When you have some spare dollars and cents, you can check your list, and see what stands out as something you can't live without (for the time being.) Look online when it's time to buy, as this can save you from window shopping at the mall can result in unexpected spending. Plus, the internet is filled with promo codes and clearance items that will help you save, too.

Make sure you write down your food desires, too, to avoid gargantuan grocery bills.

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