Fighting the Freshman 15: Quick Tips to Keep the Calories at Bay

September 28, 2016, 11:56 AM

freshman 15

The Freshman 15 is a phrase infamous to many a college student. Weight gain can occur thanks to a number of reasons when you enter college, and before you know it, your pants could be fitting a bit more snug than they were just a few months before.

To help you battle the Freshman 15 in a healthy way, we've come up with these calorie-conserving tips that are perfect for campus life:

Take a Hike

Chances are, you'll be living on or around campus. Forgo your beloved vehicle, and get your body moving by walking. If you're mobility-challenged, consider starting your journey to your class a bit farther than you have to. Every inch you put between yourself and the classroom is another few calories burned organically.

Find Healthy Ways to Handle the Stress

College is a textbook situation of stress. Exams, professors, roommates, and a billion other things will lead you out of your comfort zone and stress you out. Before you find your fingers in food when the world gets to be a little too much, find healthier ways to deal with your anxieties. Fitness classes can help you unleash your unrest, and you may meet some great friends while you're there. Take study breaks by walking the perimeter of campus with a friend to clear your mind. Integrate meditation into your pre-sleeping routine to get your mind and body ready for the day ahead.

Snack Wisely

Stock your space with health-wise snacks so you're prepared when the hunger pangs hit you. Avoid having a kitchen filled with chips, and employ the power of hummus and carrots to get you through those midnight study sessions.

Understand How Alcohol Impacts Your Body

Don't go overboard with beer consumption. Beer bottles are filled with empty calories, so be sure to consume your after-class beverages in moderation to keep the calories at bay. Mid-body belly fat can easily accumulate if you're consuming more beer calories than your body's battling down during exercise.

Pack Your On-the-Go Food

Time becomes precious when you're running from class to class. If you won't be able to get to the dining hall to get some semi-homemade nutrition, pack a sandwich to avoid fast-food impulse eating.

Have you figured out how to battle the Freshman 15 without using unhealthy means? We'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

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