How International Students Benefit from Kranse Institute Online SAT® Prep Course

June 28, 2016, 12:59 PM

Kranse Institute International Students

Student from all over the globe want to attend American universities. And for good reason: American universities are some of the most prestigious and renowned in the world, allowing graduates to obtain rewarding career opportunities in their chosen fields.

Most American universities require either the SAT® or ACT® as part of their admissions process. The SAT® is offered internationally in most countries at least six times each year — in October, November, December, January, May, and June, so there’s lots of opportunity to take it in almost any country. If you’re taking the SAT® outside the United States, you may have to fulfill additional requirements to register for or take the test. Check with the College Board for more details and to register. But how will international students know what to study for since the curriculum in Brussels, Belgium (for example) is different that in Des Moines, Iowa?

An online prep course like the one from Kranse Institute is key. Kranse Institute understands the desire of international students to attend school in the United States because its Kranse Institute's online SAT® prep course’s format is conducive to students whose first language may not be English, and also for international students who may have no idea about what to study.

Kranse Institute gives test takers ​18-month access to 30 hours’ worth of lectures and strategies to help them excel at the new SAT®. Since you can replay the lectures as often as you want, even English language learners can benefit from taking an online course from Kranse Institute. It puts international students on an even playing field, and allows them to do their best on the SAT® and get into the most prestigious American universities like Harvard, USC, Cornell and others.

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