How International Students Can Best Prepare for the New SAT®

June 21, 2017, 11:02 AM

SAT Prep Course For International Students

Are you an international student who dreams of attending college in the United States? Are you not sure how to study for the New SAT®? Here are some helpful tips that are specifically geared toward international students taking the SAT® exam this year.

#1: Plan ahead and register early

The College Board recently announced that the SAT® would only be offered four times per year (previously six times) in January, May, October and December. Unlike many countries where students can take the college entrance exam only once, in the United States students can take the SAT® test multiple times (which often results in higher scores overall). So you need build into your schedule taking the SAT® at least two times (even three times is perfectly fine).

Although the College Board offers over 1000 locations for international testing, depending on where you live, these can fill up quickly. So make sure to register as early as possible.

#2: Don’t forget to take the TOEFL exam

While the SAT® test measures college readiness, the TOEFL exam is often required by colleges in the United States to evaluate English proficiency. The good news is that most students find the TOEFL exam much easier than the SAT® test, so if you do a good job of studying for the SAT®, it should help raise your TOEFL score. With that said, the test formats are very different, so before taking TOEFL, make sure to take a few practice tests.

#3: Focus on Critical Reading and Grammar

Colleges know that the Critical Reading section is much harder for international students than the Math. In the past, SAT® prep focused on increasing English vocabulary, but the New SAT® phased out many of these types of questions and replaced them with context-based reading questions. This means students need to spend less time learning difficult vocabulary and more time improving overall English reading skills.

The Critical Reading section also tests grammar (not punctuation) so don’t ignore these areas. The good news is that the New SAT® only tests about 10-15 grammar rules, so if you focus on these, you should see a boost in your score.

#4:  Study Online

International students frequently lack good, local tutoring resources for the SAT®.. For international students, high-quality, online SAT® prep, like what we offer at the Kranse Institute, can make the difference between admission and rejection at many selective colleges in the United States.

Additionally our short video clip format, designed by an expert tutor and perfect scorer, allows students to re-watch the videos as many times as needed to master the strategy, perfect of nonnative English speakers and provides the structure and motivation needed to keep prepping. All you need is  an internet access and you are ready to go!

#5: Don’t Give Up

Whatever test prep route you choose, it is important to not give up. Set a score goal and stick with it! Even better, tape a photograph of your “dream” college on the wall near where you study. When you get a little discouraged, just imagine yourself there, sitting in the classroom, taking notes and congratulating your self on making the dream come true.

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