How Many Times Should I Take the SAT®?

August 25, 2017, 12:00 PM

How Many Times Should I Take the SAT®?

How Many Times Should I Take the SAT®?


We get this question a lot. Many students (and parents) are under the false assumption that you can take the SAT® only once or taking the SAT® multiple times looks bad to admissions. Taking the SAT® several times can often boost a students chances of admission, especially at highly selective colleges, like Harvard and Stanford, which often take the highest scores from multiple tests (also known as superscoring).


The earlier you prep, the more opportunities to take the test 


The number of times a student can take the SAT® really depends on when the student begins to prepare for the exam. At Kranse, we recommend students start preparing for the SAT® no later than the fall of junior year (so right now is a great time to sign up for lessons). If you do this, you will have at least six opportunities to take the SAT® before applications are due in the fall of the senior year.


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All students should take the SAT® at least two times


Because colleges consider only your highest scores in the admission process, it makes sense to plan to take the SAT® more than once.  The caveat is that students need to study before taking the actual test (rather than taking the SAT® to “just see what happens”). There are plenty of really good practice tests that can give students a diagnostic score. So don’t waste a test date. Treat each one seriously.

 how many times should I take the sat

Sometimes less is more


So, you might ask, if colleges only take the highest scores from the SAT®, why not take the test six times or as many times as you can possibly fit in? Well, that would be overkill. Once you have studied for the test, you will probably hit your best score by the third attempt. Taking it more than that will probably not change your score profile very much (and you can probably find more fun ways to spend your time).


Look for tutors and companies that offer long term tutoring benefits


At Kranse, we want our students to have access to our online program throughout the whole testing experience. We know that everyone works at a different pace and balances a different academic workload, so that is why we offer 18-months of access to our online SAT® program for one price. We know that the more we make our resources available to students, the better they score!


A big, red flag: Many tutors and test prep companies ask students to pay twice for additional tutoring beyond the first test. The result, unfortunately, is many students stop prepping to save money or feel they have nothing new to learn. Students, in these situations, often never master the most difficult questions types. As a result, they never realize their highest score potential on the exam.  

Our students make unbelievable score gains because we never give up on them! We want the Kranse Institute to be a dependable and motivating presence throughout the whole testing process so that every student performs at their personal best every time!


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