Ooops! I Forgot to Register for the SAT®!

August 01, 2017, 02:50 PM

Ooops! I Forgot to Register for the SAT®!

Sometimes students get so focused on preparing for the test that they forget to register for the actual SAT®. Don’t panic! It has happened countless times, but you do need to take some immediate steps.

See if late registration is still open. College Board offers late registration for the SAT® up until two weeks before the actual exam. So if you forgot to register and missed the regular deadline, explore this option.  The online registration process is the same as the regular registration, but you will have to pay an additional $29 fee.

Remember: All of our students have access to our online SAT® program for 18 consecutive months and up to 9 possible test dates (most competitors only guarantee 90 days). So if you do miss a deadline, the good news is that you will not have to pay additional fees for lengthier test preparation.

Get on the waitlist. If you missed both the regular and late SAT® registration deadlines, remember that the College Board will allow students to be added to an on-line waitlist. Be aware, though, that there is no stand-by testing, so you cannot show up on the test date and be seated without previously adding your name to the waitlist. 

Remember: Not everyone who signs up for the wait list will be seated. If you are selected from the wait list and take the SAT® that day, you will be charged an additional $49 fee (another reason to register early!).

Take the next one offered. If you completely missed the registration deadlines or did not get seated from the wait list, then sign up for the next available SAT® test date.

**Include a graphic of upcoming dates with deadlines (see sample below) . We may already have one that we used previous too.



Register early for all upcoming tests. To make sure that you never miss a deadline, register for multiple tests at once. Beginning in July, the College Board opens up registration for all of the SAT® test dates until the following June. Also, the earlier you sign up, the more likely you will get your first choice location.

What happens if you later decide that you not to take the test? The good news is that you can change the test date or apply for a refund (both of which will require paying a rescheduling fee).

Remember: If you completely spaced out and were absent (but registered) for the actual SAT® (it does sometimes happen!), you don’t have to re-register. Instead, you can change your test date to a later one, which will save you a more few dollars than registering for the test a second time.

At Kranse Institute, we want all of our students to be successful, but if you don’t register for the actual SAT® test, you cannot show off your awesome score improvements! So take a quick break and get signed up.

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