Study Tips for the Socially Inclined Student

August 03, 2016, 11:45 AM

Kranse Institute

You're going to school to get an education, and with that comes the (sometimes unfortunate) task of studying so you can make sure you make the grade. It might sound simple, but once you get going, you'll make friends, find clubs, have parties, and basically take on a billion things that have nothing to do with your books.

For social butterflies, particularly those who are just now coming out of their cocoons, freshman year can be filled with hard-learned lessons when socializing begins to take precedence over studies.

Here are a few ways to avoid the pitfall of the social butterfly plague in college:

Plan Ahead. This can't be stressed enough! Although you'll have a few pop quizzes in college, most huge assignments and enormous exams don't just appear one day! On Day One, lay out all of your syllabi, take out a planner, and write down every single big task and test. Once you see how big dates collide among the various classes you're taking, you'll be better able to find windows in which to work and play.

Set Reminders. For some people, the easiest way to stay organized is to keep a hand-written planner that forces them to be accountable for the deadlines they write down. For others, an app will do the trick quite nicely. The method doesn't matter as much as the result. Find something that works for you so you can stick with it.

Schedule Social Soirees. Any dieter will tell you -- the more you deprive yourself of something you crave, the more likely you are to overindulge. If you're a person who needs to be social, schedule it! Happy hour at 3:00 on a Thursday might be the perfect way to end a hard week before you settle in for a weekend cram session. Don't deny yourself a social experience entirely, or your urges could come back to bite you hard when you give in!

Study in Social Settings. Some people simply can't handle the deafening silence of a library. If you're someone who does better when you're around people, be around people! Find study groups, or start some of your own, so you can hang out with like-minded folks while you learn. Check out different coffee shops, start a Study Over Supper campaign with potlucks and prize-winning grades on the menu.

You'll have plenty of time to get out there and enjoy the world, especially if you budget your time appropriately. Adhere to your guidelines, set a schedule, and stick to it. Your studies will thank you when the semester's over!

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